Sports Massage

The benefits of Sports Massage

The benefits of the Massage are numerous and depend on the needs of the individual.

It’s a “holistic” therapy which works on many levels influencing several systems of the body. 

Some are: increased flexibility, lower high Blood Pressure, significant improvement in recovery and prevention of injury in the long term.

Effects of Massage in Blood Circulation

Increasing the local circulation helps flush any muscle waste out of the area and stimulate the exchange of chemicals on a cellular level.

This improves recovery and the health of the tissues.

Effects of Massage (friction) on scar tissue

The formation of the scar tissue is the essential first stage of the healing process and it should be broken down at the end.

But such a complete recovery is rare and scar tissue remains.

Using different massage techniques, we can break the adhesive bonds between the muscle fibres.
That helps them to realign and repair.

Effects of Massage on the nervous system

It’s the nervous sytem that controls the muscle tension.
The smooth rhythmical stroking has a calming effect on these mechanoreceptors, and this has a relaxing effect on muscle tone.

Soothing mechanoreceptors in the soft tissues has a calming effect on the sympathetic nervous system.

Effects of Massage in Fascia

The deep fascia forms a single continual membrane which envelopes and connects all tissues in the body.
It not only surrounds muscle as a whole but also every part within it, right down to the individual fibres and fibrils.

And it continues beyond the muscle to form the tendon, becomes the periosteum where it reaches the bone and the capsule and the ligaments at the joint.

Massage strokes help loosening the fascial bonds between the fascial layers and rehydrating the fascia.

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